It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Most Wonderful Time“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”  I’m still eating turkey leftovers, and I’ve been hearing this song for a couple of weeks.  I’m the type of guy whole likes his holidays one at a time. I want to focus on gratitude and thanksgiving before I see Christmas trees, Festivus poles, and rosy-nosed reindeer. Yet, I think Thanksgiving is possibly my favorite holiday. For me, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Continue reading

OneEightyOne Update is getting an Update

OneEightyOne-webbannerOne of my goals this year is to increase communication with parents and ministry partners. We’ve taken some big steps forward, and I’m grateful for your feedback. I’m writing to let you know about some Updates to the OneEightyOne Update.

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  • As incentive – go there now, and follow the new blog, you’ll see a posting for some of the fun upcoming summer activities as well as some pictures from events this past weekend.
  1. The weekly OneEightyOne Update will be on break for the summer. Periodic updates will continue.
  2. The OneEightyOne Update is moving. (Mainly to keep my personal blog updates separate from important ministry information. I don’t want to flood your inbox unnecessarily.)
  3. The new blogsite is:
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    • You can still reach this site through the website under “blog”

While this is our primary and regular mode for communication, there are other ways to stay in touch:

Please let me know if there is a better way to stay in touch.  I’m praying for you and your family!

Dan Adams

Superman Syndrome

superman_kryptonite11_138I greatly despise being sick. Which, when I think about it, is how just about everyone feels about getting ill. When I’m sick, it boggles my mind. I feel as if someone has secretly stashed kryptonite into my cargo pants pocket. Therein lies the problem. The problem isn’t that most of my wardrobe can be described as “cargo” or that I get sick. It’s that I too often see myself as Superman. The guy who’s always strong, and never shows weakness. The guy everyone can count on. The guy who never fails. I think it’s called pride.

So tonight, Wednesday, was Youth Group night. Instead of connecting with teens and parents, and teaching the Bible, I was sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, searching for the secret stockpile of kryptonite.  Well, mostly. As I sat, I realized, once again, how grateful I am to serve with an amazing team of volunteer youth leaders.

These men and women dedicate endless hours each year to our teens in service to Christ. I am grateful, and humbled. I certainly have my place on the team. I’d like to think that my absence was missed. That’s not the point. The point – I’m grateful for my team. They carried on tonight just fine without me.

I tried my best to work from home today. I actually got a lot done, including final edits to our seniors’ video. I communicated primarily through email, since I have virtually no voice. My administrative assistant must have been getting tired of hearing from me when she replied, “DELEGATE!” There it is again – the Superman Syndrome. She went on to remind me, “Everyone is replaceable, but everyone is also unique. There is just one you.” I guess we can all be grateful for that.

So, since my Lois Lane won’t come near me without a hazmat suit, I’m going to bury my sorrows in some ice-cream and thank Him for my team.

♫ He’s Got the Look ♫

This past Tuesday we hosted a youth ministry network that I co-lead called Motus. Ever since then I have had the Roxette song, “She’s Got the Look” stuck in my head. This gathering of 72 youth workers and pastors was an amazing time, and I have so many take-aways. I’m still processing it all. One obscure observation: the newer model of youth workers has “a look”. Rest assured, this is not a rant on “kids these days”, a case of judging a book by its cover, or over-stereotyping. It’s simply an observation, nothing negative implied. I was not the only one to notice.  One of my volunteer youth workers leaned over and asked me, “Are they in a band?” I chuckled.
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Motus: The Birth of a Youth Worker Network

Youth Ministry is exciting, energizing, and amazing. It’s also challenging, tiring, and sometimes lonely. I often think we should measure ministry years in dog years. 1 ministry year can feel like it takes about 7 years out of you. That’s why I have always sought out encouragement and support from other like-minded youth workers. This has taken on many forms in different seasons of ministry. This past year, it has been through an electrifying upstart youth network in the greater Cleveland area called Motus. (Latin for a movement.)

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Wrong Numbers and Last Rites

“Hello?  What? No, I’m sorry, you have the wrong number.”telefon

A number of years ago, shortly after purchasing our first home, we began to get some odd phone calls. At first, it was very sporadic. We would get the occasional awkward/rude hang-up. If the caller was persistent enough, they would ask, “When are your services?” I thought it was a bit odd that visitors would call my house to ask about our church services, but we politely provided them days and times. Continue reading